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Minor release of Ekit bringing it to version 1.7b. Contains some needed fixes, particularly those that pertain to lists. List handling is much closer now to what users expect from a word processing program. There are other minor fixes and some refactoring of the core class to contain a more logical command structure.
A new decade and a new version of Ekit. Release 1.7 features the new "paste plain text" option, much better list handling (including reverting existing lists with a press of the list button), and expanded image dialogs that let you set more properties on your img tags. There are additional minor fixes and goodies, so if you are running an older version of Ekit, we highly recommend getting this improved release.
An end-of-year Ekit update, pushing the release to 1.6. This splits out the New Document function into New Document (a completely blank HTML document) and New Styled Document (which retains any styles defined in the currently active document). This resolves an issue where people were suddenly unable to paste certain content types into new documents, plus allows users to get a truly clean slate when desired. Other new features include a nifty C-shell script that remembers your Ekit start preferences, for Unix/Linux/MacOsX users, and the addtion of the Bulgarian translation.
Another Ekit patch release, moving the version up to 1.5b. This change introduces the AlignAction class, which fixes a long-time problem in most Java HTML editors. Namely, it resolves the issue where text alignment actions cease to function after you load a document, change the view, or just lose editor focus. This handles alignment far better now and puts an end to this persistent issue.
Time again for an Ekit release. This time it's version 1.5, which is two versions ahead of the last release on this site. There was a 1.4 release last year but it was mostly to developers. This new release encompasses both that code and some further improvements, plus the new Japanese translation file. The new feature that's most likely to be of interest to all users is the ability to set (both with Ekit and from program launch configurations) whether the ENTER key starts a new paragraph or adds a line break. Many people have requested this feature so I'm glad to be able to accomodate them at last. Thanks for all the emails and code suggesions over the past two years, and I hope you find Ekit useful!

Note: this file was update on May 28th with some minor enhancements to the new paragraph/break function. The version number is unchanged, as these changes are properly part of the 1.5 release.

Update of Ekit, adding printing, advanced table and cell editing, and a new Turkish translation file. Thanks to all contributors who helped shape this new release!
Maintenance release of Ekit, mostly to make it play better with Java 1.5 now that that's prevalent. People are continuing to add it to exciting projects, from the Italian product Eldy which is helping the elderly go online, to a university project embedding it in a music notation package. Good luck to all Ekit users, and thanks for continuing to share your fascinating work.
Another year, another Ekit. I've just released version 1.1, which addresses some of the problems users were experiencing on different platforms. Plus there are some other new features, and the usual inclusion of more translations graciously provided by the community of Ekit users. Enjoy and have a better year!
At long last, Ekit 1.0 is finished and released! Download and enjoy!
Please read the README file before you send questions about Ekit. There are some known bugs with Ekit which result from Sun's Java classes, and not from Ekit itself.
In what is for me, as a fan of well-written comics, a personal triumph, Dark Horse Comics has begun integration of Ekit into their in-house catalog management system. Soon, when you visit their website and catalog, you'll be viewing content added in part thanks to Ekit. So kudos to Dark Horse for embracing Open Source, and for joining the ranks of Ekit users!
The even longer awaited 0.9h release of Ekit. The bad news is there are not many visible modifications, and it's not 1.0. The good news is that 1.0 is almost finished, and will have many positive changes. I particularly like the new Unicode character insertion dialog, but there will be much more to love in Ekit 1.0. In the meantime, you can download this last 0.9 release and get a taste of the new features, as well as some decent fixes and enhancements.
The long-awaited 0.9g release of Ekit, hopefully the last beta release. Many people have contribute new functions and fixes, as well as new translations. Added features in this release include word processor style autobullets, improved table handling and insert/delete row and column functions, and Base64 encoding and decoding (especially useful for getting around the problems of the DOCUMENT parameter tag).
Mindaugas Idzelis has provided the Jazzy open source Java spellchecker for use with Ekit. This is an often demanded feature for Ekit, and I'm glad to be teaming up with these developers to add this functionality. Another reminder of what's great about open source.
Aditya Kalyanpur at Mind Swap has incorporated Ekit into the Semantic Markup, Ontology and RDF Editor (SMORE). SMORE will allow users to create documents marked up for the Semantic Web using the W3C's Resource Description Framework (RDF). Fascinating stuff that's worth a deeper look.
Dave Johnson has made Ekit one of the available editors for his popular web logging software suite Roller Weblogger. Many members of his logging community are Java and Open Source enthusiasts as well, and they've offered a lot of good feedback for improving Ekit.
In another international application of Ekit, SYPE Communications of Canada has added Ekit to their impressive portal toolkit Collaba.
hexidec codex has provided Technology Empowerment Network with Ekit for their Tarahaat project. This worthy effort is attempting to bring the internet and many of its benefits to impoverished areas of India.
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